Council Members

SAAFoST Council as at September 2015 AGM

Dr Lucia Anelich Acting President Lucia Anelich Consulting
Ryan Ponquett Immediate Past President Kerry Ingredients & Flavours
Anza Bester Vice President Swift Silliker
Dr Gunnar Sigge Chair: Cape Branch Dept. Food Science, SU
Denise Metcalfe Chair: Northern Branch University of Johannesburg
Russell Hove Chair: KZN Branch Pakco
Rosie Maguire Treasurer & IUFoST Liaison In Essence
Jacques van den Berg Cape Br Representative Appletiser SA
Grant Momplé Cape Br Representative Doehler SA.
James McLean KZN Vice- Chair Hilltop
Prof Naushad Emmambux N Br Representative University of Pretoria
Nigel Sunley Industry/Regulation Liaison Sunley Consulting
Dr Hanita Swanepoel N Br Representative Central University of Technology
Owen Frisby Executive Director SAAFoST

FLTR: Owen Frisby, Grant Momplé, Irene Burke, Anza Bester, Jacques van den Berg, Naushad Emmambux, Denise Metcalfe, Ryan Ponquett, James McLean, Lucia Anelich, Tricia Fitchet, Gunnar Sigge, Rosie Maguire, Nigel Sunley, Russell Hové, Hanita Swanepoel, Shobana Naidoo.
Date: June 2016