SAAFoST, The First Fifty Years - a history of the South African Association for Food Science and Technology was published in limited edition in 2010, the year in which the Association celebrated its 50th Anniversary. It was compiled by Honorary Life Member, Dr Bernard Cole who very ably and diligently researched the SAAFoST archives and associated magazines and publications for the necessary information, documents and photographs.

In order to be able to add more SAAFoST information and photographs to the book and to avoid printing costs, the text of the above publication has been prepared for the SAAFoST website by Past President (2001-2003), Honorary Life Member and SAAFoST Archivist, Mr Ron Timm. Work is still in progress but a near-final draft is freely available below for perusal, proof-reading and correcting, by Members and friends alike. Please send any comments and corrections but also photographs, articles and documents of historical interest to the SAAFoST Secretariat at: info@saafost.org.za and mark them for the attention of OJF.

SAAFoST, The First Fifty Years

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Dr Bernard Cole, Honorary Life Member, presenting Rosemary Maguire, SAAFoST President (2007-2010) with a copy of, "SAAFoST, The First Fifty Years". This was done during the SAAFoST Congress Banquet at the Nederburg Wine Estate, Paarl on 25 August 2010.