Dreosti Award

From funds donated by the late Professor Guido M Dreosti, a founder member of SAAFoST, an award of R5,000-00 is made for the best oral paper presented at a SAAFoST Biennial Congress. All Congress participants under the age of 35 reporting on actual research in the fields of food science and technology (basic or applied) carried out by them in South Africa will be considered. Review papers or papers delivered by guest speakers do not qualify. The prize will be given to the presenter of the paper. If there is more than one author it is up to the authors to agree how the prize is to be shared.

Papers for adjudication will be pre-selected by the Congress Organising Committee on the basis of submitted abstracts. Adjudication will be carried out by a confidential panel of four adjudicators under the chairmanship of a suitably qualified person appointed by the Congress Organising Committee Chairman. Authors will not be advised whether their papers have been pre-selected for adjudication and the decision of the adjudication panel is final.

Award Recipients

2017 Chantelle Human (SU)
2015 Muhammad Gulzar (UP)
2013 Theresa Beelders (US)
2010 Debora van der Merwe (US)
2007 Donna Cawthorn (US)
2005 Mathilda Mostert (UP)
2003 Naushad Emmambux (UP)
2001 Winston Leukes (Rhodes University)
1999 Suretha de Kock (UP)
1997 Gunnar O Sigge (US)
1995 Astrid von Gadow, Elizabeth Joubert (US/US)
1993 John Hastings (UWC)
1991 Daneel van Lill (Grain Crops Research Institute)
1989 Caroline Raffray (Univ Natal)
1987 K van der Watt
1983 S Barnes (Univ Natal)

UP - University of Pretoria
US - University of Stellenbosch
UWC - University Western Cape