SAAFoST Sensory Forum Meeting

"Making Sensory Science practical"

The Sensory Forum October 2009 event - Thursday 1st October @ 13h45

Sensory testing adds objectivity to subjective feelings. It is a discipline that has, only over the past thirty-odd years, developed into a structured and formalised technique. The science of sensory evaluation can be successfully applied in an extremely broad range of circumstances. In the areas of food, drink, cosmetics and toiletries, as well as flavours and fragrances, its use as part of the creative process is inescapable. Other uses are in quality control, research and product maintenance.

The primary aim of sensory evaluation is to provide valid, reliable and replicable results, upon which sound decisions can be made.

Join us for this short event to meet members of the Sensory Science community and to learn more about how Sensory Science can be used. Riette de Kock, of the University of Pretoria, will present the following as a case to be considered in small groups, after which it will be debated:

Due to the current economic situation, the R&D team has been tasked to make slight formulation changes to product X. The company is concerned about potential consumer reaction, should the change be noticed.

As a group, discuss and debate how you would approach this case study using sensory evaluation tools. Considerations should be given to the test method(s), the type of panel/panelists, the test environment, the product sample selection, their preparation and presentation.


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478 James Crescent
Training Room 1

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Thursday 1st October 2009


13:45 for 14:00 till 15:30

RSVP:, no later than 25 September 2009 (limited space available)

For more information you can also contact Lorraine Geel at 082 570 7258