The SAAFoST Food Safety Symposium, CSIR Pretoria

CSIR International Conference Centre, Pretoria, 11 September 2009.

Dear Members,

There is nothing as important to food professionals as food safety and there is no better time to catch up on safety issues of the day than, "NOW".

Have a look at the line-up below and see why you and colleagues simply have to be at this high-powered symposium. One full day of top quality information, experience, networking opportunities and CSIR Conference Centre hospitality for less than R100-00 per hour - yet another opportunity for you to reap the unbeatable rewards of SAAFoST membership! Please register quickly to avoid disappointment because auditorium space is very limited.

The proceeds of this event will go towards the organising costs of the greatest international food science event of the century in SA, the IUFoST World Congress, "Food Science Solutions in an Evolving World" that SAAFoST is organising for 22 - 26 August in Cape Town next year.

On the programme:

Prof Chris Griffiths: Emeritus Professor, University of Wales Institute - an update on those ever-emerging food pathogens.
Prof Willem Landman: CEO of the Ethics Institute of SA - ethical considerations in food safety.
Dr Wentzel Gelderblom: of the Medical Research Council of SA - unwanted and undesirable mycotoxins and fumonisin B1.
Maryke Herbst: Directorate of Food Control - mycotoxin regulations, current and future.
Andrew Murray: - a food engineer's perspective on ISO 14159 and the link between safe machines and safe foods.
David Watson: - the MD of Sunspray Food Ingredients - a manufacturer' view of food safety.
Adrian Kelfkens: SSI Engineers & Environmental Consultants - airborne contamination.
Hein Garbers: SABS Chromatic Services - pesticides, a review of regulations, developments, legislation.
Linda Jackson: a SAATCA registered food safety management systems auditor - food safety auditing of your choice!
Prof Maureen Taylor: Dept Medical Virology, University of Pretoria - faecally contaminated water for irrigation.
Dr Herman KoŽter: Orange House Partnership, Brussels - food risk assessment, the EU approach, harmonisation and co-operation.
Note: a Cape Branch variation of this Symposium is being held at the University of Stellenbosch on Tuesday 15 September.


Friday 11 September, 2009


CSIR International Conference Centre, Pretoria.
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Programme and Registration:

Registration from 07:00. Programme starts at 08:30 and ends at 15:30

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Registration Fees:

R700-00 (Includes VAT) - per paid-up SAAFoST Member.
R950-00 (Includes VAT) - for non-members and registrations received after Tuesday 8 September.

Booking Procedure:

  1. Kindly provide all of the information below and forward it to Irene Burke (
  2. Irene will respond immediately with an invoice which must please be paid asap - see bank details below.
  3. Proof of payment to be sent to Irene at: or fax: 086 698 4784
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  5. No confirmation within two days means no registration - kindly follow up.
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Account Name: SAAFoST
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Branch Code: 632 005
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Event arranged by Owen Frisby (Tel/fax: 012-346 2091).
Notice circulated to the Northern and KZN Branches by the SAAFoST National Secretariat (Turners 031 368 8000)