Snap Survey for SAAFoST one-day workshop

The Labelling & Advertising of Food

Please reply by mail by 1 June 2011.

Dear KZN SAAFoST, IPSA and ADSA Members,

The long awaited, follow-up workshops on the labelling and advertising of foods in Cape Town and Pretoria is proving to be very popular. A few KZN members have requested for this workshop also to be presented in the Durban area.

Due to the costs involved in presenting this workshop, we ask you to reply on whether you would commit to attending the workshop at a cost of R650 per person. We would require at least 65 delegates to be able to proceed.

Please reply by mail to before Wednesday 1 June 2011 with "YES " in the subject line, should you wish to attend the workshop in Durban.

Details of the very interesting and comprehensive program follow for your perusal.

Madelein Jansen
SAAFoST KZN Chairman
Tel: (031) 719 0555
NPO 013 076

One- Day, Labelling And Advertising Of Food: Workshop Programme

Part 1: The Labelling and Advertising of Food (R146)
Facilitated by Jane Badham and Nigel Sunley

The aim of the workshop is to take the delegates through the new regulations, referring to the regulations and guideline documents, highlighting the implications for the food industry.

The agenda for the workshop is:

The why, what & where of food labelling law in South Africa
GAPS in the legislation; GMO labelling; General notes
MANDATORY requirements & VOLUNTARY information
PROHIBITED claims or information & PERMITTED claims or information
Information to be kept on file by manufacturers & retailers?
Practical application and discussion

Part 2: The Consumer Protection Act (68/2008)
Facilitated by Janusz Luterek

The session will help you understand the following:

  • Who does the Consumer Protection Act apply to and what transactions are covered;
  • Labelling and the Consumer Protection Act (in addition to R146);
  • The consumer's right to truthful information about products;
  • The consumer's right to good quality, safe products;
  • No-fault liability of manufacturer, importer, distributor, and retailer for harm caused by products; and
  • The importance of product recalls in South Africa.

Programme duration and registration time

Registration from 07:15 with tea and coffee.
Program will start at 08:20 and end at 16:00.