SAAFoST Cape Branch Sensory Forum

04 June 2009

Notes of a meeting held in Ye Aulde Shoppe, Bellville campus of CPUT at 15:00 on 4 June 2009

1. Opening & Welcome

Jessy Van Wyk welcomes all to the meeting, emphasizing that we would not strictly be following meeting protocol since the idea of the Forum is to share experiences, identify areas where we can learn from each other and grow the field of Sensory Analysis in our region to the benefit of all.

2. Present

Marike Van Lill (Fruition)
Tersia Schoeman (Fruition)
Mike Young (NRCS)
Hendrik Petrick (Lake Foods)
Linda Costa (Olives In Fact)
Jessy Van Wyk (CPUT)


Victoria Jideani (CPUT)
Thulisa Fana (Turqle Trading)
Jacqueline Naidoo (Val-U-Flavours)

3. Finalisation of "Committee"

The group decided that we will continue to operate as a group rather than a committee, i.e. all members of the Forum will be invited to all gatherings which will take the form of a meeting to discuss business, including future events, followed by an event. A suggestion by Mike Young that we operate on the basis of asking for volunteers to champion each event, rather than having a committee consisting of a handful that are responsible for all events, meets with general approval.

4. Collaboration with Gauteng SF

4.1 A Conference call meeting will be attempted on the 28th of July at 17:00, either via telephone, or via Skype. Lorraine Bezuidenhoudt to furnish us with a phone number or a Skype number. Linda Costa and Mike will do the necessary to accommodate either form of communication.

5. CSF calendar for 2009

The group decided that we will have a minimum of two and a maximum of four events annually.

5.1 The first event will be at NRCS: Presentation Seafood Sensory Training with demonstrations, followed by Sensory evaluation "testing" of participants/attendees and a Seafood braai to end the evening (supplied by NRCS) (See addendum for programme). Since only very limited numbers can be accommodated, this invitation will go to CSF members only.
5.2 Linda Costa also offered to arrange an Olive Oil Tasting for the 3rd of November. The venue will be announced in due course, but will be "somewhere in Stellenbosch". The starting time will also be announced later (either 15:00 or 16:00 or 17:00).

6. General

6.1 Mike suggests that we look at training sessions for our members, especially by overseas agencies. Jessy undertook to ask Dr. Riette de Kock (UP) whether they would be willing to offer their training courses in Cape Town.
6.2 Hendrik Petrick mentions that their overseas principals visit quite frequently and he will email a list of suggestions of presentations by these individuals.
6.3 Tersia Schoeman offers assistance and product, like coffee and juice for meetings, on behalf of Fruition.

7. Closure

The meeting closes at 16:15.


Programme for 28th July Cape Sensory Forum (CSF) event

17:00 - 17:45 - CSF Group meeting
17:50 - 20:00 - Event
  • Welcome
  • Presentation Seafood Sensory Training with demonstrations - Mike Young and Mike Knipe (NRCS)
  • Sensory evaluation "testing" of participants/attendees
  • Seafood braai to end the evening (supplied by NRCS)


The address is 14B Railway Road Montague Gardens. Look for the NRCS sign at the gate.