SAAFoST Northern Branch Lecture

(in collaboration with Cereal Science and Technology-SA)

Biofuels and animal feed products via fermentation
Speaker: Dr Praveen Vadlani (Kansas State University Grain Science and Industry Department)

The first decade of this century witnessed unprecedented growth in bio-based industry, particularly in grain ethanol industry, due to unsteady oil prices, geo-political uncertainties, increased environmental awareness and federal government support to attain self-sufficiency in transportation fuel needs of the nation. While considerable research and development efforts are ongoing at academia and industry to attain biofuels production targets specified by the federal mandates, it is imperative to develop integrated processes that will consider all the constituents of the feedstocks and the co-product streams for value-added products. This integrated approach to biorefining will provide additional revenue streams and alleviate environmental problems associated with the disposal of co-product and waste streams. In this talk, recent advances in biofuels production and utilization of co-produces via biochemical conversion will be discussed.


Thursday 4 August 2011 at 16:00


Department of Food Science, University of Pretoria, Old Agricultural Building (Building no 34), Lecture theatre 2-35.

Address: University of Pretoria, Main Campus, Hatfield.
Please make use of the Prospect Street entrance.


16h00-17h00: Welcome, presentation and questions
17h00 onwards: Light Supper


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