For work published or broadcast in 2020

In the interest of promoting public education on food issues, particularly with respect to Food Safety, Food Additives and Food Processing, SAAFoST has established two Meritorious Awards for Food Science Journalism to recognise those local journalists whose reports are objective and scientifically correct - and consequently whose work contributes to sound consumer knowledge and an understanding of controversial or complex food issues.

Nominations for the following two categories are invited:
  1. Printed Media
  2. Electronic Media
Details of the awards follow. Nomination forms together with a copy/recording of the article/programme should be sent to:
The SAAFoST National Secretariat (Attn: Sharon Beeming)
c/o Turners Conferences
PO Box 4507, Durban 4000
Tel: (031) 368 8000
Fax: (031) 368 5100

CLOSING DATE FOR NOMINATIONS: close of business, 20 July 2021


This award is open to articles or programmes originating in South Africa and covering any issue related to Food Science and Technology (with the exception of purely nutritional issues) which have been:
    i) Published in South African newspapers, magazines, periodicals or websites, ii) Broadcast on South African radio or television, iii) Directed at the general public or a section of the public (Trade and House magazines are excluded), iv) Published or broadcast during the calendar year 2020 and v) Which have not received any other awards.

Entries may be submitted by any journalist, author, publishing house, media department or member of SAAFoST. Nominees must accept nomination by signing the nomination form.


Entries and nominations will be adjudicated by a panel consisting of the following, or similar individuals, depending on availability: the Association's President, the Vice-President, the President Elect and three other members appointed by the Executive Committee of the SAAFoST Council. The panel may refer an entry to an expert in the field for evaluation - but such expert will not form part of the adjudication panel.


Two Meritorious Awards are offered - one for the printed, the other for the electronic media. They will take the form of a certificate and a cash prize of R 6,000 each. A "Finders" fee of R1,000 will be awarded to each of the finders in the "published" and the "broadcast" categories. If the winning item is submitted by more than one "finder", the fee will go to the first submission received by the National Secretariat. The presentation of the awards will be made annually by the President or a Council member at a SAAFoST function, if possible. The travelling and accommodation expenses of recipients will be met by SAAFoST, where necessary. The panel may also decide to award Certificates of Merit to other deserving entrants. No cash prizes will apply to the latter.

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