Graduating or still continuing your studies in 2021?
Dear SAAFoST Student Member,

Graduating Student Members: Upgrade from SAAFoST Student Member to SAAFoST Member by alerting SAAFoST's Membership Officer Irene Burke at about your graduation and enjoy the SAAFoST membership benefits. Update your contact details (e-mail address, cell phone number etc) here to continue receiving updates about SAAFoST events and activities.

Continuing Student Members: Remember to send your 2021 university proof of registration to SAAFoST's Membership Officer Irene Burke at to continue enjoying the benefits of being a SAAFoST Student Member.

Note: Suspended members do not get member discount when registering for SAAFoST Congress 2021.

Note: If a SAAFoST student member does not supply proof of registration, they will automatically be upgraded to SAAFoST Member and will have to pay R735 membership fee.