Membership Categories & Fees

Classes of Membership

The classification of members is as follows:

Honorary Life Member
An Honorary Life Member shall be a person who has rendered outstanding service in the advancement of the objects of the Association and is elected on the recommendation of the Council by the members at a Biennial General Meeting.

Professional Member
A Professional Member shall be a person: i) who qualifies for registration or who is registered as a natural scientist in the Food Science field of practice, or other field acceptable to Council, in terms of the Natural Scientific Professions Act 2003 (Act No 27 of 2003) or ii) who has applied to, and been accepted by Council as a Professional Member.
For more information on registration as a natural scientist see:

A Member shall be a person who does not qualify for Professional Membership, but who is, or has been, actively engaged, or is interested, in any activity related to food science and technology.
A Member may apply in writing to the Membership Development Officer or Branch Secretary for upgrading to the rank of Professional Member, stating the grounds for such an application.
Branch Committees may also initiate procedures for the upgrading of a Member.

Institution Member
An Institution Member shall be a company, research institution or other body engaged directly, or indirectly, in food science or technology.
An Institution Member shall designate one representative, preferably from its senior scientific or technical personnel, to represent the institution in the Association.

Student Member - Food Science and Technology Only
A Student Member shall be a person who is following a course of technical, practical or scientific training, as approved by the Executive Committee of the Council.
A Student Member shall automatically be re-classified as a Member from 1 January of each year.
However, Student membership may be granted by the Executive Committee upon application and presentation of satisfactory evidence of continued student status.

Custodian Members
This is a select group of companies, research institutions, or other organisations that are engaged directly, or indirectly, in food science or technology and which subscribe to additional principles in promoting and upholding professional standards of competence and integrity in advancing food science and related technologies for the provision of safe and wholesome food. Membership is by invitation by the SAAFoST Council. A Custodian Member shall designate one representative, preferably from its senior scientific or technical personnel, to represent the organisation in the Association.

Membership Application Forms

i) Individual Membership
ii) Institution Membership

Membership Fees 2018 (including VAT)

Member Category
Professional Members
R 625.50
R 625.50
Institution Members
R 3,530.70
Custodian Members
R 13,618.50
Honorary Life Membership
Retired Membership
Retired Professional Membership
International Membership
R 756.60
R 948.30
Student Category - Food Science and Technology Only
Student Members
Post Graduate Students
R 213.85

Additional Fees For Members Not Resident In The Republic Of South Africa

Please note that individuals not resident in South Africa are required to pay an additional R70.00 to cover the clearance of the foreign cheque/electronic deposit/telegraphic transfer of the membership fees.

Voting and Non-voting Members

For the purposes of nominations and elections, Honorary Life Members, Professional Members, Custodian Members, Institution Members and Members are Voting Members and Student Members are non-Voting Members.

Annual Subscriptions

The scale of annual subscriptions is generally set at a biennial general meeting of the Association.
Subscriptions are payable in advance, on or before 1 January of each year.
Only members who are fully paid up may stand for election as office bearers or Branch committee members and only fully paid up members are entitled to vote.
Only fully paid up members are entitled to claim any reduced fee offered to members for attendance at any event organised by the Association.
'Fully paid up' means that all membership fees for the current financial year and any outstanding membership fees have been paid in full.

Subscription in Arrears

A member whose subscription for the current year is not paid by 1 March shall receive a further notification to this effect.
If his/her subscription is still not paid by 30 April, he/she will no longer receive the publications and notices of the Association.
Should the member still be in arrears on 30 June of the same financial year, he/she shall cease to be a member.
Such a person or organisation will not be re-admitted to membership unless all arrears are paid in full.

Certificate of Membership

All members shall receive a certificate of membership every year (excluding students).


A member of any grade desiring to discontinue membership of the Association must please tender his/her resignation in writing to the Secretary of the local Branch or to the Membership Development Officer.

Exemption from Annual Subscriptions

(Retired Membership/Retired Professional Membership)

A member who has reached the age of 65 and who has been a member of the Association for a period of not less than twelve years, may be exempted from the payment of the annual subscription of the Association on application to, and at the discretion of, the Executive Committee of the Council.