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Select the student of your choice Following is a list of undergraduate and post-graduate students of food science and technology who are available for holiday, in-service or permanent employment.

The list is arranged so that students can be selected according to,

  1. Geographical area of availabilty (e.g. Port Elizabeth),
  2. Type of work preferred (e.g. quality control, research and development)

Contact and Employment Process

Prospective employers are invited to approach candidates directly via the contact details provided in the reports below.

Please note that all employment arrangements are to be conducted between the Employer and the Student directly. SAAFoST is purely the facilitator.


The information published on this page will be updated on a regular basis.

Students have been requested to advise the Secretariat immediately if they accept employment so that their names can be removed from the list.

Other names will appear on the schedules for a period of 2 months after the date of publication, after which they will be automatically removed from the schedule.

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