Update of Progress of 19th IUFoST World Congress on Food Science and Technology at Mumbai, India Oct. 23 – 27, 2018

 It’s a great pleasure to share the good news with all of you that 19th IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology which will be held at Mumbai, India at CIDCO International Communication Centre during October 23-27, 2018 is moving along briskly with full speed and on schedule. Please see for details further the pages of the website for:
  • Update on other matters such as Conference Hotel (4 Point Sheraton, Five min walk from the Congress Venue) and other details.
The Congress Competitions conducted by IUFoST is already announced and those of the youngsters must take advantage of this and send their abstracts immediately to get the benefit of such wonderful competitions. Please participate in large numbers. (https://iufost2018.com/scientific-areas.php#World_Food_Congress_Competitions)


 One sees two timelines and dates counting down in the webpage ! One is the last date for submission of abstracts which is April 30, 2018 (extended due to global demand with the latest Revised Registration Fee with large Concession to Students from Low Income Group Countries to encourage higher participation) and the other is must check the agenda of making your travel and hotel bookings. If you need guidance for hotel and travel, please see and contact as in the website or you can make your own arrangements, but ensure you are way ahead of time as nearly 3500 persons are converging in Mumbai and heavy rush will funnel in for travel. Also please send all your details as per instructions to embassies and online for VISA to come into India and have it with you WELL IN ADVANCE. This is the time to work on Visa agenda.


 A remarkable response with large number of Oral and Poster Presentations and Abstracts have happened and the reviewing process is on and you will know from the organizers the status in a short while and each of the poster uploaders and oral uploaders will hear from the organizers shortly.

Keynote Address:

 Another Wonderful news is that Prof. M. S. Swaminathan, World’s Renowned Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition Scientist has agreed to deliver the Key Note Address in the Inaugural of the Congress on October 24, 2018. The title of his talk “Who will feed India in the Future?” fits in so well with the focal theme of the Congress, “25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025 with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse Foods” Special Address by Eminent Scientists: (https://iufost2018.com/scientific-areas.php#Detailed_Programme)

Another feature of the Congress, which is introduced for the first time, is the “SPECIAL ADDRESS” from renowned food scientists and technologists globally. There are nearly 25-30 slots before the major eleven themes start as Sessions on all days parallely and below that theme almost each day the starting of session will have a Special address with that subject area or closely related to that. This has made a huge difference in bringing in the experts and getting charged with their talks and move into the arena of subject area of the same as Sessions following it. (https://iufost2018.com/scientific-areas.php#SCIENTIFIC_SESSIONS)

Workshops: (https://iufost2018.com/scientific-areas.php#WORKSHOP)

 We have a large enquiry regarding Workshops and please register now after selecting your interest. There is a plan for 6 Workshops (as you can see in the webpage) and depending upon the numbers (not more than 70 – 80 can register for Workshop and Registration will be closed on First Come first Serve Basis. Therefore, those of you who want to utilize this opportunity and get your Knowledge update and wonderful Global Certificate at the end of Workshop, please register your name in the Workshop subject right now and you may pay the Workshop fees along with the Registration fee. This will help you to register immediately. Later on when you register you include this small token registration of Workshop and inform conference@iufost2018.com, with a copy to gwyneth.alphonso@mmactiv.com.


 More than 18 industries have already committed, another 27 in the pipeline as of today with nearly 10 state governments along with Federal Ministries will all be part of the Expo with a clear business outlook and bringing is the latest to the participants. It is expected that nearly 200 booths in the expo will be there as we move forward. In case, you want any industry or scientific organization to come into Expo please contact Mr. Mahinder Singh, Director, Expo (mahinder.singh@mmactiv.com) immediately.

Placement and Job booths for youngsters (including Post Doc positions):

 The organizers have plans to create slots and B2B parking lots in the Expo for Industries and Academia and Individual Professors to utilize this opportunity for interviewing and even directly interacting with them (student / post docs) for their organization. This is a wonderful opportunity that you should not miss. The India - Congress offers a newer agenda for a proper forum to address this issue and will be a wonderful networking opportunity.

Other Events:

 The welcome reception on the opening day (October 24, 2018), is for all and please look forward for it. Fellows’ dinner and the same evening Special Sessions for Youngsters, which include few B2B interactions on all the three days of 24, 25, 26 of October, 2018 for “job fitting” and discussions with Potential Employers so that you have the benefit of the Industries and Academia globally and for India. Please send your enquiries to Ms. Gwyneth Alphonso, (gwyneth.alphonso@mmactiv.com) for locking your time for this interview and opportunity. As the Congress comes closer we would let you know the fine tuning of the program. This is a great opportunity indeed for your Job hunting with the right Industry and Academia.

Beyond Congress !

 Your mind must be already in India and as you come to the Congress with well planning ahead you would experience the unique Incredible India and the expose of not only IUFoST Congress, but also the cultural heritage, the traditional knowledge and wisdom following 6000 years of documentation for this unique experience you need to travel around India and therefore though this Congress will require the five days, please do keep an additional 5 days to touch and feel India more! One can experience India through the passion, the compassion and the fashion (perhaps Bollywood!) as well as the sculpture, topography, people, language and 3000 plus traditional foods. This would be something that will take you beyond IUFoST Congress 2018. Any help and clarifications you need on this, please do not hesitate to contact us and I am confident that you will enjoy this Congress for excellent Science and Business and exceeding your expectation by adding Art, Culture & Cuisine and Friendship all around.

Early Bird Registration:

 With this update in case you have not sent in Abstract for Posters, please send one today and upload (you can send maximum two abstracts per name); in case you have not sent your Registration for Workshop, please register today. Please make use of Early Bird Registration Offer to register before May 15, 2018 of the approved abstracts before April 30, 2018. This is especially for individuals who are coming to Congress as participants as this will save you enormous money since this is one of the Congress of IUFoST where Registration Tariff has been kept perhaps lowest for students and scientific delegates and please don’t miss this opportunity.

 Accommodation and Travel:

 In order to assist you in these two areas, a separate desk is formed and you can reach them through webpage and finalize your affordable accommodation and your participation by registration ahead of time so that there are no disappointments especially for affordable accommodation.

Certificates and Recognition of your presence in the Congress:

 The participant will receive a very wonderfully designed certificate in the international Congress befitting to the quality of the congress and huge participation. One may perhaps carry a workshop certificate, poster certificate and/or participation certificate and oral presentation certificate as well as some of the IUFoST competitions award certificates.

Just Register and attend:

 I would also encourage you to Just Register and attend the Congress also as that is another way to be with the Congress for 5 days and gain more knowledge. So much to learn just as a Registrant from Industry, Academia, R&D Industries or a Individual or a Retired person? We have Menu for all of you ! Please do explore this unique Global Congress happening in Mumbai in India!

Your link is website for updates:

 Keep seeing the website uploads regularly and look forward for your presence in Mumbai during the period October 22 – 28 (Congress from 23-27, 2018) perhaps even on October 29th where you can include a little bit of tourism around Mumbai and of course the shopping spree too (!) apart from the high scientific knowledge you would gained and contributed.

These are all the updates as of March Fourth week and we will come back to you from time to time updates but at this juncture please ensure that all the last dates which are falling shortly are respected and take the agenda of yours and your country’s, your friend’s, professional colleague’s participation by circulating this information to the Colleagues and Members of your database. Time is running and please do not disappoint yourself by logging in late ! (www.iufost2018.com)   

Looking forward to hear from you individually as to how you can bring in more participation into the Congress.

Please do circulate this to as many of the professional colleagues as possible in your circle and in case English is not the native language in your Region, KINDLY TRANSLATE TO YOUR LOCAL LANGUAGE USING GOOGLE FACILITIES AND CIRCULATE TO YOUR COLLEAGUES / FRIENDS / PROFESSIONALS.

With Warm Regards

Vish Prakash, 

Chairman, 19th IUFoST World Congress of Food Science & Technology 2018,
October 23 – 27, 2018, Mumbai, India
Email: prakashvish@gmail.com

Website: https://www.iufost2018.com/

Please Register Today !