IUFoST Congress Mumbai: update
Dear Presidents and Members of Adhering Bodies of IUFoST and Participants/Delegates of 19th IUFoST World Congress at Mumbai

Greetings from Dr. Vish Prakash, Chair of the Congress from the platform of Team India IUFoST Congress, Mumbai, India ! We will be meeting in about a month's time at Mumbai for the 19th IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology and is fast approaching! Welcome to India to all of you from over 75 Countries plus!

It's a great pleasure to update you on the current status of 2018 IUFoST Congress which is converging at a very rapid pace. Thanks for each one of you and your individual contributions in opening up newer avenues so that we can navigate the multilane traffic moving in the arteries funneling towards October end, through Inauguration, Keynote, Vision Talk, Distinguished Lecture, Plenary Address, Special addresses, Chairs of Session and Speakers in various Sessions, Oral Presentations, Posters, Expo Booths, IUFoST Student and Young Career Awards, Sponsorers, and Supporters, and most importantly, your personal involvement to take India's Premium Global Congress of Food Science and Technology from IUFoST to the next higher level of orbit in Science, Technology and Engineering.

A few other updates in the web page of the Congress are:

The Congress Competitions results conducted by IUFoST are already out in web pages and we congratulate those youngsters who have taken advantage to receive the benefit of such wonderful competitions and win (http://iufost.org/world-food-congress-competitions-2018-winners/). They are slated to give their presentations in several important sessions depending upon their subject of the talk.

Timelines and Visa:

The final date for Early Bird Registration has been extended to September 30, 2018, 17h00 India time. If you need guidance for hotel and travel, please see and contact as in the website or you can make your own arrangements, but ensure you are ahead of time as crowding happens in October as a large number of delegates are expected to converge in Mumbai and the rush will funnel into air travel; and accommodation may not be available near the venue.

Also please send all your details as per Indian visa requirement instructions to Indian embassies / consulates nearest to your place for VISA to come into India and have it with you WELL IN ADVANCE. This is important and is little bit late already but good to work on visa agenda. If you do not have one, please go ahead right away. You need a passport with validity of at least 6 months from the date of application or visa issued. We have just a month left for the Congress! PLEASE HURRY FOR VISA IF YOU HAVE NOT PROCESSED YOUR PAPERS. It is important to comply with the Regulations of the Conditions for issue of visa as it is an External Affairs Ministry Domain with Indian embassy or consulate and not in the hands of Congress Organisers. We can provide the necessary papers that are required but need not be from any Particular Ministry or Department that you may want. Most of the Chairs and Speakers and Participants have already obtained visas from their respective country's Indian Embassies and some have E-visas also. Please avail of these options. Safe Travels and Best of Luck.


Abstracts of IUFoST 2018 Congress (Sessions + Posters) are getting ready and will be available well ahead of the Congress. (All the titles of Talk and Posters are already in the Web Page).

In the Congress (S&T):

Prof. M. S. Swaminathan, World's Renowned Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition Scientist, and World Food Laureate will deliver the Key Note Address in the Inaugural of the Congress on October 24, 2018 and the title of his talk "Who will feed India in the Future?" fits in so well with the focal theme of the Congress, "25 Billion Meals a Day by 2025 with Healthy, Nutritious, Safe and Diverse Foods"

Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, FRS; National Professor & Former Director General, CSIR, India will deliver the Vision Talk at the Welcome Dinner on October 24, 2018 19:00, and the title is "ASSURED Innovations for Sustainable Food Industries" (Title will be reconfirmed shortly).

Prof. Dr. Ing. Erich.Josef Windhab will deliver the Distinguished Lecture on October 25, 2018 in the IAFoST Session from 8.30 AM - 10 AM. The title of the talk is : "Trends and Food Quality Challenges in the Global Food System met by Physiology guided Functional Food Structure Design and Tailored Processing"

Prof. Dr. Ing. Stefan Palzer; CTO, Nestle Research Centre, Switzerland will present a Plenary Talk on October 25 2018 at 17h45 and the title is "The Food Revolution: Trends and Technologies Transforming the Global Food Business".

Special Addresses and Session Talks by 330 Eminent Global FOOD Scientists and Posters of nearly 400 Plus (increasing registrations of approved abstracts) from youngsters is spread over from Wednesday, October 24 to Saturday, October 27, 2018 (https://www.iufost2018.com/pdf/IUFoST-2018_Detailed_Congress_Program.pdf).

Just today (25 September 2018) IUFoST Secretariat has also announced all its meetings before the Congress - including General Assembly - and one can reach IUFoST Secretariat for details by e-mail, (secretariat@iufost.org).

Workshops (Pre Conference):

These are organised for the benefit of students, participants and delegates and have an excellent response from all over the globe. Totally Four Workshops are in place and about 200 participants are taking advantage of this opportunity. (https://iufost2018.com/scientific-areas.php#WORKSHOP)


Many global, large, medium and small scale industries have already committed and are in full swing. Four state governments, along with many Federal Ministries, will all be part of the Expo with a clear knowledge / business outlook, bringing in the latest to the participants.

The final design of the hall and architecture is being ably handled by Mr. Mahinder Singh, Director of Expo in the IUFoST Congress, and you may contact him directly on his e-mail. (mahinder.singh@mmactiv.com).

Other Events during Congress Evenings!

The Welcome Reception is on the opening day (Wednesday, October 24, 2018), all are invited and one really looks forward for it. The Welcome Dinner will have a surprise event of a 'Dance troupe' with Indian music and perhaps a little bit of fusion too! Fellows' Dinner is on Thursday, October 25, 2018 and coordination is by invitation from IUFoST / IAFoST directly to individuals. On Friday, October 26, 2018 is the Gala Dinner (and payment to the organizers directly as in Registration Form) - please book in advance, not to miss this event.

For others who don't want to attend IUFoST / Fellows' Dinner or Gala Dinner on October 25 and 26, we are planning to have local "Indian Food Festival" specialties from the region in the evenings for participants to pick up (upon payment) and spread themselves in the sprawling lawns, lounges and other spread-over places with their groups to chit chat over the Indian Snacky Dinner Cuisine. This is not to divert the attention of Fellows'/Gala Dinner people who have already booked their tickets!!

If others would like to try the cuisine and speciality restaurants around the venue, there are a number of them and you may want to spend Oct 25 and 26 with your own group and enjoy the evenings away from the venue. There are some malls in which you can try food courts and get into a buying spree on both these evenings with your own group and friends and even alumni meetings (of which I see a number already taking initiative to meet). We have serious Science and Technology loaded from 08h30 - 18h30 and then the evening goes for food, fun, good nutrition and sufficient calories for the next day!

Lunch Breaks:

During lunch time which will be rather brief, lunch (not charged, but provided by courtesy of Event Organiser) is served as lunch packets in several kiosks, widely spread over the venue and the expo halls. Please ensure that you do not waste any food and, if anything is in excess in the box which you may not be consuming, kindly put it in the tray provided in the kiosk before you start eating, so that we do not waste food as a principle in the congress. Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated. This may also serve as a reserve during lunch time, in case of unforeseen circumstances such as high rush during lunch - especially considering the vegetarian and non-vegetarian boxes delicate balance!!

Accommodation and Travel:

In order to assist you in these two areas, a separate desk is active and you can reach them through webpage and finalise your affordable accommodation and your participation by registration ahead of time so that there are no disappointments - especially for affordable and nearby accommodation. (Webpage: https://www.iufost2018.com)

Explore India!

Your mind and spirit must already be in India and, as you come to the Congress through good planning, you would experience the unique Incredible India and the expose of not only IUFoST Congress, but also the cultural heritage, the traditional knowledge and wisdom following 5 000 years of tradition and for this unique experience you need to travel around India. Therefore though this Congress requires five days, please do keep an additional 4 - 5 days to touch and feel India more! One can experience India through the passion, the compassion and the fashion (perhaps Bollywood!) as well as the sculpture, topography, people, language and 3 000 plus traditional foods (Obviously, you need to really select day to day basis what you want to eat as you may have approximately 10 meals or 15 meals in India during your stay !). This would be something that will take you beyond IUFoST Congress 2018. Any help and clarifications you need on this, please do not hesitate to contact us and also Travel desk and I am confident that you will enjoy this Congress for not only its excellent Science and Business exceeding your expectation but also by adding Art, Culture & Cuisine, Friendship and Tourism all around is the real India.

Certificates and recognition of your presence in the Congress:

Each Registered Participant will receive a wonderfully designed certificate in the IUFoST India Congress befitting to the Congress. One may perhaps add and carry along with them also additional Workshop certificates (if attending), Poster certificates and/or Oral presentation certificates (as well as some of the competitions award and certificates, if you have won it !) and, of course, all the special addressees, Chairs and Speakers will have their customised certificates, too!

Just Register and Attend!

We would also encourage you to Just Register and attend the Congress, as that is another way to be with the Congress for 5 days and gain more knowledge. There is also individual day registration. So much to learn just as a Registrant from Industry, Academia, R&D of Industries or as an Individual or a Retired person. We have Menu catering to all of you! Please explore this unique Global Congress happening in Mumbai in India! However, those who want to come to Congress as Registrants may come in directly as Registrants and have Fun in Food Science and Technology as you spend the loaded five days here in Mumbai. You don't have to have a Poster, or Oral Presentation or be a Speaker! Just attend and gain knowledge and meet Professional friends.

Your link to us is website for updates:

Keep visiting the website uploads regularly and we look forward for your presence in Mumbai during the period October 22 - 28 (Congress from Oct 23-27, 2018) perhaps even on October 29th where you can include a little bit of tourism around Mumbai and, of course, the shopping spree too (!) apart from the high scientific knowledge you would have gained and also contributed towards.

Looking forward to hearing from you individually as to how you can bring in more participation into the Congress and make it Scientifically Robust and Rich Industrial Participation and meet a large number of Students and Young Scientists and Global Leaders, which is the most important agenda.


For any organisational clarifications regarding 19th IUFoST Congress or for enquiries, please contact Mr. Jagdish Patankar, Organising Secretary of the Congress (jagdish.patankar@mmactiv.com) and Ms. Gwyneth Alphonso, Director - Conference (gwyneth.alphonso@mmactiv.com) directly for all details as Organisers of the Congress.

With Very Warm Regards from "Team India IUFoST 2018 World Congress, along with MM Activ Sci. Tech. Communications as Event Management and Knowledge Partners and with Greetings from Prof. P. G. Rao, Sci. Com Chair and Dr. Varadaraj, Poster Com Chair".

Welcome to India and Safe Travels! See you in Mumbai!

Vish Prakash
19th World Congress of Food Science and Technology of IUFoST,
October 23-27, 2018, Mumbai, India

Website: https://www.iufost2018.com