A Board of Trustees is currently chaired by David Watson, Director of Sunspray Food Ingredients and a former SAAFoST President (2005-2007). The other trustees are Janusz Luterek, a senior partner of Hahn & Hahn, Patent Attorneys, Francina Makhoane, Regulatory and Scientific affairs Manager at Nestle South Africa and Hettie Schonfeld, Professor in Nutrition at the University of Pretoria. We believe that the Board is well balanced with experienced business people, legal and regulatory expertise and academic experience in the food Industry.

Irene Burke, the SAAFoST Membership Development Officer, is assisting the Board with the administration of the bursaries, which includes the selection of suitable candidates, liaising with the tertiary institutions and monitoring of the students’ progress.  In 2018, the Foundation is administering 22 bursaries of which 9 are funded by Companies operating in the Food Industry. The Board of Trustees is striving to get other food industry businesses to award bursaries which can be administered by the Foundation.  Any interested companies can contact any of the Trustees (see contact details below).

Janusz Luterek, 012 0300 165, janusz@hahn.co.za
Francina Makhoane, 083 232 2815, francina.makhoane@za.nestle.com
Hettie Schonfeld, 083 232 2815, profhettie@gmail.com