The following Professional Members of SAAFoST are available to the food industry as consultants. All are Registered Natural Scientists or are registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) or the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). All have been Professional Members of SAAFoST for at least five years and are in good standing with the Association.

Dr Lucia Anelich

PhD Microbiology
Expertise: Training in and implementation of food safety requirements according to a variety of standards (PRPs, HACCP, ISO 22000 etc); conducting gap analyses against food safety standards; developing microbiological criteria and microbiological specifications; microbiological risk assessments; trouble-shooting; internal food safety audits; food safety-related regulatory compliance, including Consumer Protection Act.
Tel: +27 (12) 362 5960
Mobile: +27 (82) 908 3166

Nicola Brook

B.Sc (with distinction)
Expertise: Nicola Brook is the Director of Foodpath with over 30 years experience across various facets of the local food industry. Offering consulting, training or auditing relating to hygiene, food safety management systems, supplier quality assurance, religious certification and food ingredient labelling.
Mobile: +27 (74) 143 4540

Dr Francois D Mellett

PhD (Meat Science)
Expertise: Meat processing consultation in all types of meat products:- raw, cooked, pasteurized, smoked or canned, emulsified or restructured meat products. We formulate new products and reformulate current products to meet new regulatory requirements. In-depth knowledge of ingredients, additives, processing procedures, high risk areas, shelf life extension techniques and troubleshooting production problems. Experienced in IQF chicken brine formulation and further processing. Polonies, Viennas, Russians, Salamis, Bacons, Hams, or Raw Meat, Sausages and Burgers are within the scope of expertise.
Mobile: +27 (83) 658 2205

Dr Mathilda Mostert (Precision Oil Laboratories)

PhD Food Science
Expertise: Consultation for and analysis of fat and oil stability and composition including but not limited to peroxide value, free fatty acid value, Saponification Value, fatty acid profile, tocopherol and sterol content.
Tel: +27 (15) 004 0010
Email: or

Andrew Murray

BSc (Chem Eng) Pr Eng
Expertise: Hygienic Design and energy management for all sectors of the food industry. Training. Feasibility studies. Project management.
Tel: +27 (28) 312 3064
Fax: +27 (86) 648 3131
Mobile: +27 (82) 459 1984

Dr HA Steinman (FACTS – Food & Allergy Consulting & Testing Services)

MBChB; FAAAI, D Ch SA; D Av Med.
Expertise: Detection and quantification of traces of contaminant allergens in food products, and meat and fish species identification. Microscopic analysis of spices and authentication. LC-MS expertise and proteomics, as well as bespoke testing. Assistance with the development of an allergen pre-requisite programme as part of HACCP. Food labelling consultation. Editorial development, consumer talks, labelling, allergen, nutrition and health workshops; substantiation of possible nutrition claims.
Tel: +27 (21) 882 9883

Nigel Sunley (Sunley Consulting)

BSc (Hons) Chemistry, MSc Food Science
Expertise: Product development, nutritional enhancement of foods, technical troubleshooting, process development and efficiency investigations, regulatory compliance, management and communication of scientific issues related to food & nutrition, technical training, project management.
Tel: +27 (11) 467 3108
Mobile: +27 (82) 453 3125