Background to the formation of the Foundation

SAAFoST is thrilled to announce the establishment of the SAAFoST Foundation – which will administer all SAAFoST academic prizes, awards and bursaries.

The last 8 years have seen a significant increase in the amount of support being given to students studying food science and technology at South African tertiary institutions. SAAFoST annually sponsors several academic initiatives ranging from supporting events for students (Ingredients Days, Career Roadshows, ESKOM Expos, etc.) to academic prizes, bursaries, scholarships, travel grants and study grants. These are financed mainly from surplus funds generated through events, membership fees and some donations. Financial support has thus been close to R500K per annum over the last few years.

The successful hosting of the 15th IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology in August 2010 also resulted in the generation of surplus funds, and the idea has always been to “invest” these in the future food scientists of South Africa. Keeping track of the education initiatives cost and the day-to-day running expenses of SAAFoST does, however, create some problems. Recognising these difficulties and some opportunities, resulted in the idea of creating the SAAFoST Foundation to administer all academic prizes, awards and bursaries.

The SAAFoST Foundation will result in several advantages, in that clearer, more transparent accounting can be done of the support given to students studying food science and technology, selection of bursars would be more transparent, donors (either individuals or companies) would have a clearer picture of exactly what their donation is being used for and donations would be exempt of VAT.

Objectives of the Foundation

  1. The Foundation’s main objective is to administer the Bursaries, Academic prizes, Travel Grants, Aubrey Parsons Study Grants, Koeppen Memorial Scholarship, Matric Bursaries, Undergraduate Bursaries and Academic Achievement Awards, as well as any extra bursaries donated by outside companies. This will make the allocation of awards more transparent;
  2. The Foundation should endeavour to optimise the invested capital in such a way as to generate maximum returns;
  3. A primary objective should be to increase the number of bursaries that can be accommodated every year;
  4. The Foundation should investigate possible avenues of increasing the donor base – i.e. by setting up mechanisms in which companies or individuals can contribute directly to the Foundation’s initiatives (i.e. supporting education initiatives). This will make it easier for companies or individuals to see exactly where their contributions are being used;
  5. The Foundation will, in liaison with SAAFoST Council, make suggestions on the selection criteria for the various awards and bursaries.