• SAAFoST was Founded in 1960 in Cape Town.
  • National Secretariat in Durban.
  • Three active centres: Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng, where the Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Northern Branches are based
  • Total members number up to 2,000.
  • Institution and Custodian Members number about 250, including most of the major food companies.
  • The Association launched its own magazine, FST in February 2012.
  • Members receive FST, Food and Beverage Reporter and Packaging and Print Media as part of their subscription fee.
  • SAAFoST Snippets, a quarterly food science newsletter, is mailed to all members.
  • Technical dinner-lectures or breakfast meetings are held on a monthly basis.
  • Workshops, seminars and symposia are held annually.
  • An International Congress & Exhibition is held biennially

The biennial, SAAFoST International Congress & Exhibition is the African continent’s premier food science and technology event.

Distinguished food scientists are invited to deliver the prestigious, Congress-opening, “Ernest Newbery Memorial Lecture” and other plenary lectures. Dr Werner Bauer, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President, Head of Innovation, Technology and R&D Nestlé, Switzerland, delivered this lecture at the SAAFoST organised, IUFoST World Congress held in Cape Town in 2010. Institute of Food Technologists (IFT, USA) presidents, Dr Janet Collins (2013) and Professor Colin Dennis (2015), delivered the Newbery lecture at the SAAFoST Congresses in Pretoria and Durban in 2013 and 2015 respectively.  In 2017, IFT President-Elect, Dr Michele Perchonok, former Advanced Food System Lead at NASA/Johnson Space Center, USA, addressed delegates.

The Dreosti Award is presented for the best original Congress research paper
The Ginsburg Award is presented for the best Congress poster
During the Congress, a SAAFoST President’s Award is presented to an organisation or to an individual who excels in promoting the SAAFoST mission.

Koeppen Memorial Scholarships, study grants, academic achievement awards, undergraduate bursaries, matric bursaries, travel grants, journalism bursaries and other education-oriented prizes worth over R800,000 are made available annually.

The Association launched the SAAFoST Foundation in 2013 to manage these educational awards.

Meritorious Awards for Journalism are available annually to the printed and electronic media in recognition of and to reward responsible, objective and scientifically-correct reporting on food issues.

The Food Advisory Consumer Service (FACS), a consumer-oriented source of scientifically-correct information on food, launched in 1995, is run by SAAFoST in conjunction with the Association for Dietetics in SA, the Nutrition Society of SA, the SA National Consumer Union and the Dept of Health: Directorate Food Control. It is a part of the International Network of Independent Food Information Organisations which has members in Europe, the USA, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and China. See: www.foodfacts.org.za

SAAFoST is affiliated to:
The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) in the USA, the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) in the UK and also to the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) of which SAAFoST is a founder member.

SAAFoST is represented on:
FLAG – the Food Legislation Advisory Group of the Department of Health; the Food Advisory Consumer Service (FACS), the regional IUNS* / IUFoST national committee under the auspices of the National Research Foundation; on several university education advisory committees and on the International Union of Food Science and Technology’s Governing Council, the IUFoST Scientific Council and several IUFoST Task Force committees.

In 2004, the SAAFoST Custodian concept was launched – a programme, in partnership with selected organisations in the food industry, to further promote and advance food professionalism in South Africa. A list of Custodian Members appears on the SAAFoST website.

The SAAFoST website provides important information on the Association, its events and achievements and includes: the mission statement, the code of conduct; a list of consultants and employment seeking students; scientific information and notices of FS&T events; career information; selected congress and other presentations, lists of award and prize winners & useful links to other FS&T oriented websites: www.saafost.org.za

On the occasion of its 50th Anniversary, SAAFoST hosted, “Food Science Solutions in an Evolving World”, the very successful, 15th International Union of Food Science and Technology World Congress, in Cape Town in 2010. A first for the African continent!

*The International Union of Nutritional Sciences


Read the SAAFoST Constitution.

What does SAAFoST do to promote food science professionalism?

  • Eight study grants and eight academic achievement awards are made available each year to Food Science and Food Technology students via their universities.
  • Two postgraduate scholarships are available annually to academically excellent bona fide students.
  • Bursaries are available to matriculants and undergraduates interested in a career in food science and technology – the Association strives to award twenty full-time bursaries every year.
  • A Travel Grant is available to assist food professionals to attend international events.
  • A Journalism Bursary is available to Professional Members to encourage accurate and scientifically correct reporting.
  • An International Congress is organised biennially. The most recent being Cape Town, 2017.
  • An award is made for the best local scientific paper presented at the Congress.
  • An award is made for the best local poster presented at the Congress.
  • A Distinguished Service Award is presented for exceptional service to the Association.
  • The SAAFoST President’s Award is made biennially to an individual or organisation that best advances food science and technology for the provision of safe and wholesome food.
  • Workshops or mini-symposia are frequently held between congresses focusing on sectors such as dairy, meat, beverages and others or addressing issues such as food additives, safety, health, organoleptic properties of food, labelling, new products, etc.
  • Monthly lecture meetings, featuring prominent local or overseas experts, are organised covering a wide range of subjects of interest to members. These can generally be attended free of charge.
  • Congress, workshop or monthly meeting presentations are placed on the Association website when made available.
  • SAAFoST launched its own food science and technology journal, FST, in February 2012.
  • The Association is affiliated to the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT, USA), the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST, UK) and is represented on the Governing and Scientific Councils of the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST). Several SAAFoST Council members have served on IUFoST Task Forces.
  • As a representative on the Food Legislation Advisory Group (FLAG), SAAFoST contributes towards the formulation and revision of food regulations as published by the Directorate of Food Control of the Department of Health.
  • Two Meritorious Awards for Journalism are made available annually – one for the press and the other for radio and television. The awards are made to authors or presenters of objective and scientifically correct articles in the local press or media which contribute towards sound consumer knowledge and education.
  • Careers in food science and technology are promoted by the production, distribution and presentation of career CD’s, by career “Roadshows” held annually in each of the branch centres of Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng and by freely available information and links on the SAAFoST website.
  • SAAFoST was instrumental in establishing the Food Advisory Consumer Service (FACS) in January 1995 as a resource for South African consumers interested in factually correct information on food issues such as health, nutrition, safety, preservatives, colours, additives, chemicals, irradiation, processing, labelling, etc. (www.foodfacts.org.za).
  • The Association administers this internet based service with the assistance of the SA National Consumer Union, The Association for Dietetics in SA, the Nutrition Society of SA and the national Dept of Health; Directorate Food Control. FACS has joined the international network of Food Information Organisations which has members in Europe, the USA, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and China.
  • The Association responds to, and challenges, misleading articles, advertisements and claims concerning food processing and the food industry.