SAAFoST is a non-profit national association of food science and other technical professionals which is concerned with advancing the knowledge of food science and technology. This it does by publishing a membership magazine titled, Food Science and Technology, encouraging scientific research and the publication of papers and articles, organising meetings, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, congresses and assisting in educational activities.

Membership benefits

  • Each member receives a once-off membership certificate and has access to a copy of the SAAFoST Constitution and Rules.
  • Each member receives three copies per year of the SAAFoST Membership Magazine, FST (Food Science and Technology).
  • Members are kept up-to-date with the numerous SAAFoST activities and receive regular invitations to lectures organised by their branches.
  • Through membership of SAAFoST, individuals and companies are able to contribute towards, and gainfully participate in, a host of educational and promotional activities aimed at continuously elevating the standards of quality and professionalism in the food industry.
  • Institution membership by companies is strongly encouraged because it helps to promote food professionalism in the industry while the slightly higher membership fees contribute greatly towards student study grants, scholarships and awards offered each year by the Association.
  • Membership of SAAFoST indicates an interest in continuing education and a willingness to work to an internationally acceptable professional Code of Conduct.