Food science and technology student members of SAAFoST who are seeking employment may submit their details prospective employers seeking to offer:

  • In-service training
  • Holiday work
  • Part time work (for those still studying)
  • Starting new careers in the food and allied industries and organisations

This facility has been established to help current, bona-fide SAAFoST students and graduates to find employment while simultaneously providing a service to SAAFoST Members and organisations who want easy and direct access to students and recent graduates in order to fill temporary and/or permanent posts. You may be a student today but you will probably be an employer in the future so this site is for you to develop as a professional resource for yourself and for fellow members.


The following rules will help us all to provide the most useful, reliable and professional service for employees and employers:

  1. Students must be current SAAFoST Student Members – under or recent postgraduates. Non-members need not apply.
  2. Fully complete the form below and select the employment option of your choice. Employers want all of the information requested so incomplete forms will not be posted on the site.
  3. Show your professionalism by advising Irene Burke as soon as you find a job. You can do this by e-mail: or telephone: 071 870 2633. Please do it within a day or two of your appointment. Removing “old” information is important to keep the site user friendly, up-to-date and effectively professional. It also improves the prospects of those who are still “on site” and looking for employment.
  4. The site is cleared every two months so if you have not found employment after that time, please reapply to have your name and details replaced on, “SAAFoST Select-a-Student”.
  5. Remember – finding employment is your responsibility. Work hard to find the career that you want and do not expect others to do it for you. “SAAFoST Select-a-Student” is designed to help you but it cannot guarantee results and may not find you the job of your dreams so do not sit back and wait for a job to come looking for you.


Some important tips:

  • If and when someone phones you, don’t try to talk and negotiate in a noisy place. Say you’ll return the call immediately and do so from a very quiet spot with good reception and speak slowly and clearly.
  • Make certain that your phone is charged at all times and capable of receiving a message – in case you are in class or not available. Your outgoing message must be crisp, clear, audible and professional. Speak slowly and loudly so that callers can hear your full message. Avoid loud noises and music in the background. Return calls from potential employers without delay.
  • Good luck – and remember, as a SAAFoST Student Member, you have signed the SAAFoST Code of Conduct. Keep a copy handy, read and understand it. Show it to prospective employers and then tell them that you intend to abide by it at all times in embarking on your career as an active and responsible SAAFoST professional food scientist or technologist.