Guidelines for application

SAAFoST invites applications for travel grants from members who wish to participate in international Food Science-related events. Successful applicants will be awarded funds for supplementing their travel expenses to events such as:

  • Conferences/congresses/symposiums/seminars/meetings;
  • Workshops;
  • Training courses;
  • Research visits/sabbaticals.

An application form is available below. Only applications received by the respective deadlines (see below), together with the required documentation (see part 5 of application form) will be accepted for consideration.

Criteria for awards

The SAAFoST grant is intended to supplement grants and funds provided by other sources. Full details of other funding received must be provided.

The SAAFoST grant amount awarded will not exceed R10 000.

Only Professional SAAFoST members who have been paid-up members for at least two consecutive years preceding the application qualify.

SAAFoST Council members do not qualify for the Travel Grant.

Awards for attendance of a conference/congress/symposium/seminar is conditional on the acceptance and presentation of a paper or poster at the event.

All applications must include a written motivation (max 200 words – see part 5 of application form).

Motivations for workshops, training courses, research visits or sabbaticals must clearly show the expected significance for South African food science or the food industry and the outcome of the visit.

Applications will be reviewed by a SAAFoST adjudication panel, whose decision will be final.

Granting of awards to successful applicants will be subject to the following further conditions:

  • agreement to submit a written final report within 2 months of completion of the visit. The final report should include information such as an overview and scope of the event, outcomes, highlights contacts made and conclusions;
  • agreement to make available the final report as well as the presentation or poster (where applicable) on the SAAFoST website.

In addition, successful applicants may be asked to present the final report at a SAAFoST Branch event.

Application deadlines

  • Round 1: 10 October (for funds required from 1 January – 30 June);
  • Round 2: 10 April (for funds required from 1 July – 31 December).
  • Notification of grants will be made within one month of submission deadline viz.
    • Round 1: 10 November;
    • Round 2: 10 May.


The application is under review.