President’s Award

This award honours an individual or an organisation that has made a significant contribution towards the achievement of SAAFoST’s vision and mission of advancing food science and related technologies for the supply of wholesome food.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award may be awarded to any person for exceptional service to SAAFoST at the discretion of the Council.

Dreosti Award

From funds donated by the late Professor Guido M Dreosti, a founder member of SAAFoST, an award of R9,000 is made for the best oral paper presented at a SAAFoST Biennial Congress.

Ginsburg Award

To honour the late Mr Lazar Ginsburg, a founder member of SAAFoST and pioneer of fruit and vegetable refrigeration, SAAFoST instituted the Ginsburg award of R9,000 for the best poster presented at a SAAFoST Biennial Congress.

The Meritorious Award for Journalism

In the interests of promoting public education on food issues, particularly with respect to Food Safety, Food Additives and Food Processing, SAAFoST has established two Meritorious Awards for Food Science Journalism to recognise those local journalists whose reports are objective and scientifically correct and consequently whose work contributes to sound consumer knowledge and an understanding of controversial or complex food issues. The award is currently not operative and will be reinstated when possible.